JTB Announced Leadership Change

24 Apr 2020

Tokyo, Japan., Apr. 24, 2020 –- JTB today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Eijiro Yamakita, currently in position of Managing Executive Officer, to be the Chief Executive Officer of the company and a member of Board of Directors, effective June 30, 2020 after the approval of 57th shareholder’s meeting. Hiroyuki Takahashi, JTB Chief Executive Officer, will continue as a Chairperson of the Board and Hiromi Tagawa will continue as an Executive Adviser.

Hiroyuki Takahashi has been JTB CEO for about 6 years since June 2014, has worked in implementing management reforms for the "Third Establishment" (means complete transformation of the business model, happened twice in the company’s long history) that provides real solutions to our clients' challenges. During his tenure, the company has embarked on a radical management transformation to respond to the rapid changes in the market environment driven by digitalization, and in April 2018, JTB launched a new business-centered management structure by integrating 15 group companies from a regional spin-off to a new business-centered management structure.

In order to further advance our structural reform and growth strategy, and to accelerate our transformation in the global and digital domains, JTB is rejuvenating our management team. Under the leadership of the new president, JTB will strongly promote management reforms to realize the "Third Establishment", tackle the challenges of severe environmental changes and aim to further enhance the corporate value of the JTB Group.


Biographical Information:

Over an 18-year career at JTB, Eijiro Yamakita was involved in the development of the company's global strategy and then moved to Europe, where he was appointed to be a top management at the forefront of the company's global business. Prior to becoming a Managing Executive Officer, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuoni Travel Investment Ltd and the European Head of JTB Group for 3 years.

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